Colgate Optic White Toothpaste 3.2oz

Colgate Optic White Toothpaste 3.2oz

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This unique formula Colgate toothpaste features the same whitening ingredient as strips, Hydrogen Peroxide. That’s right, get whiter teeth right away with Colgate Optic White toothpaste. Teeth can become discolored from many of the day to day things we eat and drink. Over time staining can become worse and worse to the point where teeth can appear dull and yellowish. Other whitening toothpaste’s whiten teeth by the action of abrasives against tooth enamel. This can be bad for enamel and can cause painful and annoying sensitivity. Colgate Optic White is much gentler than these other abrasive whitening toothpastes. Colgate Optic White toothpaste contains a 1% hydrogen peroxide concentration. Hydrogen Peroxide is the same ingredient used in many whitening products. Remove surface stains and see results in just one week using Colgate Optic white, even better results with week after week use. Start whitening and brightening your smile today with Colgate Optic White toothpaste!


  • Enamel Safe formula
  • Anticavity Fluoride toothpaste
  • 1% Hydrogen Peroxide concentration
  • Available in 3.2oz
  • Sparkling Mint Flavor


Active Ingredients: Sodium Monofluorophosphate (.76% (.15% w/v Fluoride Ion) Activity)

Inactive Ingredients: Calcium Pyrophosphate, Propylene Glycol, PEG/PPG 116/66 Copolymer, PEG 12, Glycerin, PVP, Flavor, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate, Silica, Hydrogen Peroxide, Sodium Saccharin, Phosphoric Acid, Sucralose, Butylated Hydroxytoluene, Water


Keep out of reach of children.