H2Oral Water Flosser

H2Oral Water Flosser

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Product details

H2Oral Water Flosser for Whiter Teeth, Healthy Gums and a Beautiful Smile in just a Minute a Day. High Capacity Jet Power Oral Irrigator

Your dentist will be pleased that you're taking your dental health seriously.

You'll be comfortable in the knowledge that you're looking after your teeth and gums every day.

  • This high quality, stylish and functional High Capacity 1000ml Water Flosser is equally at home in a modern bathroom or with you as you travel the world.
  • All the items you need for healthy gums in one compact package including spare nozzle tips. And additional spare nozzle tips are available.
  • Clever design allows tidy and compact storage.
  • Mains powered with an 'EU' style 2 pin adaptor suitable for most modern UK bathrooms.

What's in the box:

  • 1 base unit with Gentle Pulse Technology
  • 1 1000ml water tank
  • 1 pressure adjustment wand and hose
  • 3 standard nozzle tips
  • 1 pocket nozzle tip
  • 1 tongue cleaner tip
  • 1 nozzle tip case
  • 1 2-pin power adaptor safe for use in UK bathrooms
  • 1 set of clear instructions - actually a pretty good read!

It doesn't have to be like this!!

Listen to your Dentist and Orthodontist. They know what's good for your Teeth and Gums.

Serious about your Dental Health? We can help:

In just a minute or so a day, the H2Oral WF900 Water Flosser

  • Cleans areas between the teeth and gums that traditional tooth brushing cannot reach, allowing total oral hygiene.
  • Gentle Pulse Technology promotes blood circulation in the gums, significantly improving gum health.

And it's Dentist and Orthodontist approved.

Instructions for use

It's really easy! Here’s the basics, but the H2Oral WF900 comes with comprehensive instructions that are surprisingly readable!

Getting started

  • Fill the water tank in situ (for sensitive teeth consider using warm water) or put the water tank on to the base after filling.
  • Before use, slide the switch on the side of the wand down, away from the nozzle tip, to temporarily pause the flow.
  • Bend forward a little, just over the bathroom sink and put the nozzle tip into your mouth.
  • Touch the power button once.
  • Close lips to avoid water splashing.
  • Allow water to naturally flow from mouth to sink

Controlling the water flow

  • To start the flow, slowly push the wand pressure switch upward toward the nozzle tip. The pressure gradually increases.
  • Choose a flow pressure that you find comfortable.
  • To temporarily pause the flow at any time, slide the pressure switch toward the bottom of the wand, away from the nozzle tip.

And that’s it. After use, just turn the flosser off by pressing the power button.

Answers to the most commonly asked questions

Can I use mouthwash and other antibacterial solutions?

Yes. But please be aware that alcohol content from some solutions left in the machine could shorten the life of the product. We recommend that, after each use of a special solution, you thoroughly wash the unit. Fill the tank with plenty of fresh water, point the tip toward the sink and turn on the unit. Allow the unit to run for a while to remove the solution residues, prevent clogging and prolong the life of the product.

Of course, no mouthwash is a replacement for the regular oral care routine of twice-daily brushing and daily flossing. So, even if your dentist recommends or prescribes a mouthwash, you still need to follow your complete oral care routine to maintain good dental health.

If my gums bleed, should I stop using a water flosser?

When you first use ANY water flosser, it's not unusual to see traces of blood in water that you may spit out. DON’T BE ALARMED!!

This is just an indication that your gums are weak and fragile - one of the main reasons why you've started using a water flosser.

WHAT TO DO . . . Use the water flosser at or near the lowest pressure setting - adjusted by the slider on the wand of the WF900.

After a week or two, gradually increase the pressure. As your gum health improves and your gums get stronger, the problem will disappear. Of course, if the problem continues, consult your dental health specialist.